Antônio Carlos Borges-Cunha is a Brazilian composer and conductor, professor of the Department of Music at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and one of the founders of the Master’s and Doctorate programs in music composition. The integration of opposing cultural and aesthetic values as well as the realization of dialogues between music, poetry and visual arts are characteristics of his work. Borges-Cunha has presented his compositions in the Americas and Europe. His music has been the subject of academic research. He has received awards for his compositions and for his contributions as orchestra conductor and research accomplishments.

“Antônio is one of the most natively-gifted and instinctive musicians I have ever encountered. While his recent music could be called modernist or cosmopolitan, I feel it is a music that no one raised in Europe or North America could write.”

Harvey Sollberger, composer/conductor
Newsletter by La Jolla Symphony and Chorus Association. 2006

“Pedra Mística is an important addition to the Brazilian symphonic repertoire due to its effective interaction with Brazilian poetry, its ritualistic violence, its interplay of textures and timbres, its structural clarity.”

Celso Loureiro Chaves, composer/pianist/professor
Commentaries for the CD Pedra Mística.

“Antônio…, your music is full of surprises, modernism and passion… InstalaSom called my attention by its timbre, which suggests a very descriptive enigma. Contradictory but spectacular.”

Egberto Gismonti , composer/multiple instrumentist